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  • If your pickup is before 1pm, we ask that the morning of pickup you do not feed your pet breakfast. This will help in preventing an upset stomach. We will catch up with the evening meal.

    We also ask that 48 hours prior to pickup that you do not feed them knuckle bones, rawhide bones, people food or anything out of their normal eating. Certain types of bones can splinter off while certain other treats can affect the digestive system.

    Please send ONLY enough food for the expected transport. We are limited with space and all food items need to be in a small bag no larger than a 5-lb. bag. Please take a black sharpie and label the bag with your pet’s name.

    You may send a small, soft toy or a small piece of cloth that smells like home. Please keep in mind that we are limited with space.

  • With all pet transport, be it by air or by ground, there are risks involved with transporting. Those risks are increased with an aged pet, a pet that experiences high anxiety, or pets with certain medical backgrounds. It is imperative to the health and comfort of your pet to disclose any known past and present medical or health issues. Without knowing the medical background we cannot be responsible for the health of your pet during transport. If there are medical issues that are in the medical records that are not discussed with us we cannot be responsible. Please list all those issues below.

  • In addition to this information, you will also need to sign and submit our Medical Release Form. By electronically entering your name in the field below you are agreeing to the release of your pet’s medical records should we ask to see them, you are agreeing to all statements listed on this client information form and you are also agreeing to fill out, sign and fax our Medical Release Form.

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